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Outdoor Preschool Director Finds Classic Cabin

By Wendy Thomas
Published: 02/26/24 Topics: AirBnB, Cooking, Crystal Mountain, Interviews, Mount Rainier WA, Vacation Comments: 0

Justin, the director of an outdoor preschool in Denver, stayed true to his likes when he and friends booked a trip to Mount Rainier. They wanted to be able to hang out together and ski, coming together from their homes across the United States.


Crystal Cabins: What made you choose Lindgren Haus and the Mount Rainier area?

Justin: The price was hard to beat for the weekend. It was an awesome location and had classic cabin kind of vibe. We wanted to go skiing at Crystal Mountain. That was the biggest driver of where we stayed. I’d been to Seattle a bunch of times, but never up to Crystal Mountain before.

Crystal Cabins: Did you and your friends enjoy the cabin?

Justin: It was great for hanging out with friends. It had a nice layout and everything was provided.

Crystal Cabins: Were the amenities ok? What you were expecting?

Justin: We were surprised by a TV and DVD player. We hadn’t realized that they would be there. We hooked up our Switch to the TV. The kitchen was well stocked and we were excited we didn’t need to bring in anything. Soap and towels were already there. That was great for those of us who flew in.

Crystal Cabins: Was your favorite part of the trip the skiing?

Justin: That was definitely part of it. It was phenomenal skiing. But all of us hanging out in the cabin at night was the best part.

Crystal Cabins: You skied and you stayed at the cabin. Sounds both fun and relaxing. Did you feel you had a good trip?

Justin: Yeah, we got everything we wanted and more out of it. It was an awesome stay. If we can get everyone together again, we’d like to come back.

Author: Wendy Thomas – Editor, Lindgren Haus
Blog #: 0979 – 02/26/24

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